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Georgia is a land famed for its natural bounty. There are over 500 varieties of grape in Georgia, a greater diversity than anywhere else, with around 40 being used in commercial wine production. 
Conditions are well suited for viticulture: summers are rarely excessively hot, winters are mild and frost-free. The mountains around the vineyards are full of natural springs, and rivers drain mineral-rich waters into the valleys. 
The great majority of our vineyards are 15 years old, up to 25 years for some parcels and Appellation of Controlled Origin wines. Deep roots draw the refreshing water, brought by the pure springs of the Caucasus Mountains and produce bountiful and rich juices. They ultimately deliver consistent wines that any host would be proud to serve and share during each ceremony of life.
GWS owns 400 hectares of vineyards, out of which 280 ha is red grape varietal and 120 ha is white grape. Our vineyards produce 70% of Georgian traditional wine grape varietal and 30% of International varietal. 
In near future GWS will present new style of bio wines from its own vineyards. 



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Philippe Lespy

After general studies in BORDEAUX about viticulture and oenology, Philippe LESPY obtained PHD in grapes biology and physiology. He obtained also two patents in relation with vineyards flowering, today bought by BASF. Philippe worked more than 18 years  for wine companies in Bordeaux (Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, Château Lagrange, Château Serilhan), in Burgundy (Badet Clément et Compagnie) and  internationally (Domaine de la Zouina in Morocco for example). Since 2013 Philippe is our wine maker and CEO for GWS. Building on the expertise of our Georgian viticulturists, his priority is to bring all our vineyards to the highest World Class level.

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latest news

dec 22, 2019

Debra Meiburg's Georgian Wine Festival in China

nov 28, 2019

Company GWS has presented its premium wines: TAMADA, Vismino and Colours of Georgia at Georgian Wine Festival organized by wine master Debra Meiburg in Shanghai and Hong Kong.